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by J Covey - Wednesday, 10 October 2012, 8:53 AM

When you log on to the network, you will see a new shortcut/logo titled, 'World Book Online'. This gives you access to a brilliant collection of encyclopaedias: World Book Student, World Book Advanced, World Book Spanish and World Book French.  You will also be able to access three digital libraries: Inventions and Discoveries, Early Peoples and Living Green containing hundreds of videos, thousands of new and updated images and sound clips.  There are also features such as, 'Behind the Headlines', providing daily news updates, an innovative double-click interactive World Book Dictionary and links to 7,000 approved websites and selection from more than 100 key periodicals.  World Book Online is continually updated providing an excellent source for fast, accurate and accessible information and is a far more reliable source than Wikipedia.  Why not check it out next time you are researching your homework and see how brilliant it is?

To log onto World Book Online:

USERNAME: bishopshalt

PASSWORD: library