Below are the Power Points that we have been using in lessons this year.  Use these to help you complete all incomplete coursework.  YOUR DEADLINE IS SEPTEMBER 5th 2013

Interhouse Photography

Closing Date:  29th November 2013

Who are you? Where do you feel you fit in your family, your community, the wider world? How do you see the world around you, and what forms your opinions.

Take a picture of where you belong and feel at home. Whether it’s a place, what you do, who you are with, where your life is now or where you would like to be in the future. Show us your world and where you fit in it.


Family and friends

Your ‘home’ is often about the people closest to you. Whether it’s your family or a close circle of friends, it’s about sharing and togetherness. Can you capture this essence of belonging - making it more than just another group photo?


Where we live will shape who we are - not only the physical neighbourhood, but the people we meet, the corner shop, the village hall, or being part of an ethnic, religious or online community. How would you show this? Would you focus on streets, buildings, people or activities?

Interests and hobbies

What we are interested in tells a lot about who we are. Going to a gig, doing a work-out or meeting up with other club members - how do you spend your spare time? Take a picture that shows your hobby.

Opinions and beliefs

How we perceive the world is coloured by our perceptions and sympathies. Do you have strong convictions, beliefs and opinions? Illustrate where you stand, what you sympathise with.


Your identity is not only connected to yourself and your immediate circle – it’s also defined by your culture, your ethnicity, your ancestors. For some, their national identity is an important part of who they are. How would you sum up your ‘home-land’ in an image?


Rather than focus on who or where you are now, maybe you would rather show us where you see yourself in the future. What are your dreams for the life ahead – where will you belong, what will you be doing? Picture the future ‘you’, or your future ‘home’.